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Step 1: Light

Your Kokedama will need medium to bright, indirect sunlight as much as possible. Let’s say approximately 3 feet away from your window. NO direct sunlight. The ideal temperature is between 15 to 30 Degrees Celsius.

Step 2: Water

Your Kokedama with succulent will require watering at least once a week. We recommend the use of water spray but not the one with high pressure. Spray it enough so the moss is completely wet.

If your Kokedama is made up with indoor plants, water it as required. The best way to find out when to water the moss is by feeling the weight of the ball. The dryer it is, the lighter it will be. To water the

Kokedama with indoor house plants is to submerge the ball in water for 30 seconds to a minute. Hang the Kokedama where it can drip the extra water before moving it to the display area. Repeat this at least once a week unless you feel the moss ball is drying out very quickly.

You do not have to remove the string before watering the Kokedama.


Step3. Fertilizing

Your Kokedama with indoor house plants can be sprayed with any natural organic plant food (available locally) once a month.


● Kokedama is made only with real plants and live moss; we cannot give any guarantee for them once they are sold. Your Kokedama will stay alive as long as it is taken care of properly.
● Freshly planted plants requires special care if you are transporting them to another place. Since the pieces are made using fresh stock it will take few days for the roots to adjust in their new soil and pot. Any small vibration due to transportation can loosen the roots from the soil resulting in the spill of the soil and plants to fall out.



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