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Step 1: Light

Your Tillandsias will need bright, indirect sunlight as much as possible. Let’s say approximately 3 feet away from your window. NO direct sunlight. The ideal temperature for your Air plants is between 15 to 30 Degrees Celsius.



Step 2: Water

Considering the dry, hot weather in Dubai we strongly recommend that at least once a week drench them completely in the water for 10 to 15 mins and then allow it to fully dry out in 4 hours or less to avoid rotting. Plants should be sprayed with water at least once a day. If your Tillandsias become too dry or desiccated they will benefit from an occasional soaking in a bucket of water overnight. Remember that Air Plants get their nutrients from their leaves not the roots so they should be dipped in the water upside down.



Step 3: Fertilizing

For a faster growth you may want to lightly spray your Air Plants once a month with Air Plant Fertilizer but it is not necessary.



Just like other plants Tillandsias can have dead leaves too which is normal. Lower leaves that have naturally died can be easily removed by pulling them down towards the base of the plant. Tillandsias are resilient and can recover from drought and distress with some care. The life cycle of Air Plants includes growth, bloom and reproduction. Air Plants reproduce by growing ‘pups’ before or after their bloom cycle. Each plant will produce 2 to 8 pups, once the pups reach 1/3 or ½ size of parent plant they can be easily separated and grown to maturity on their own.



● Live art pieces are made only with real plants, we cannot give any guarantee for them once they are sold. Your plants will stay alive as long they are taken care of properly.
● Do not throw your decorations if your live art piece is not alive anymore. We will re-do the whole piece for you using your old decorations and will charge you only for the new plants and the service. *May not apply to all the designs

● Freshly planted plants requires special care if you are transporting them to another place. Since the pieces are made using fresh stock it will take few days for the roots to adjust in their new soil and pot. Any small vibration due to transportation can loosen the roots from the soil resulting in the spill of the soil and plants to fall out.


Please remember we are always available should you have any queries about looking after your plants. Just drop us a message on our whatsApp, call on: +971-50-2937772 post a query on our facebook page ‘MyGreenDubai’ or send an email to

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