Stem And Leaves Has All Your Answers About Plants And Softscaping
Stem and Leaves (MyGreenDubai) is a Dubai based online company which started in 2015.Our love for nature especially florae inspired us to create beautiful live art in the form of terrariums, fairy gardens, and mini landscapes using a variety of house plants and succulents available locally. Many studies have revealed that being around plants not only improves your health by producing oxygen and purifying air but it also improves concentration, productivity and increases memory retention up to 20%. We understand that the fast paced lifestyle may be of a hindrance for you to enjoy the benefits of the nature hence we bring nature to you through our creative live art.

Our aim is to encourage everyone to have an opportunity to appreciate the benefits of having florae in their homes and work places. From a big potted plant to small terrarium there is always a place for one. We thrive of creating unique designs keeping individual needs, budgets, current trends and taste in mind.This and our in-house green thumb set us apart from similar local businesses.